At Velluto, it is our job to make people happy. We do so by creating wonderful, premium gelato from the scratch using the very best, real ingredients. It’s all hard work from start to finish, but we do it all in order to put a smile on your face. We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we do making them.



How is Velluto different from other gelato brands? In addition to the freshest milk and the other high-quality ingredients we use, we take pride in our gelato’s texture which is deemed the softest among all. We also love all of our gelato variants and the fact that they’re made without artificial flavoring and artificial sweetener.


Velluto has a lot to offer when it comes to flavors. From the classic flavors to the exotic ones made of locally-grown tropical fruits.

Velluto has a total of 24 different flavors to try, with more slated to come soon.


Coba Jualan Gelato, Lebih Untung Pakai Cup Atau Cone?

Coba Jualan Gelato, Lebih Untung Pakai Cup Atau Cone?

Sebentar lagi kemarau tiba. Artinya, udara bakal semakin panas dan bakal semakin banyak orang cari yang dingin-dingin. Nah, mumpung Velluto Gelato punya kemasan pint yang lebih besar dan bisa dinikmati lebih banyak orang, kenapa gak coba jualin gelato premium ini ke...